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My name is Dan Cordero and 
I am passionate about rearranging life from behind the camera and repurposing vintage gadgets when the camera is off.  My site, ReClaiming Creativity, showcases my skills and services in Video Production and ReClaimed Creations. 

Just the facts…

I currently serve as producer and senior editor for an innovative product development. Working in video production for the last 17 years, I’ve become a proficient videographer, editor and producer earning an Emmy Award for my editing in the national television show Everyday Edisons.  In addition to life at the firm, I have offered my production skills to numerous businesses creating engaging and effective marketing videos. Past clients include: Edison Nation, Macaroni Kid, Small Hands Big Art, YMCA of Greater Charlotte, The Isabella Santos Foundation, One Mission, Hitachi Starboard, Boy Scouts of America, Dunes Realty, Hot Huez, Eggies, SilverFly, Gyro Bowl, Scott Johnson Band and Reid’s Fine Foods, PingGPS and Inirv.

Living behind the camera is part of my day job. By night you can find me dissecting vintage appliances, visiting hardware stores and breathing new life into once forgotten treasures. My unique artwork has an international following with featured displays in Enventys, SilverFly, WestElm, Humboldt & Jackson Wine BarJoey & Gina’s Restaurant, Upcycledzine, Family Christian Store,  Jab Real Estate, Cochon Restaurant, South City Publick House Restaurant,  Gimmie Some Style Blog, Edison Nation Blog, Sundance Film Festival, and QC Exclusive Magazine.

Where it all began….

As a boy I would take apart my toys and remove batteries from every remote control or appliance in the house (much to my parents’ dismay). To this day I can’t tell you what I did with those batteries or the remotes’ back covers, but they just needed to come out.  And so the fascination began. How does a toy work? What makes it run, sing, jump…and eventually break? Later my curiosity led to film work. How does one take random pieces of footage and create a new cohesive story?  After feeding my curiosity for many years I finally learned how to rebuild, restore, and reclaim – with a creative twist.

Allow me to inspire and reclaim some creativity in your life….I promise I won’t steal your batteries.

Just for laughs…

Top 10 Random Facts about Dan Cordero

  1. You can always find cereal in my fridge (cold cereal is the way to go).
  2. I have a habit of saying “Gotcha, Gotcha”.
  3. Brand new Dad.
  4. My favorite shop tool is the sandblaster.
  5. There is always room for a good movie reference in everyday conversations.
  6. I once climbed a wicked mountain trail in Taiwan.
  7. Worked for The Mouse for 10 years (ps. that’s Disney World)
  8. Grew up swimming in alligator infested waters
  9. Fact 7 and 8 make me a Floridian.
  10. I once jumped out of a suspended gondola and bungeed into a 400ft canyon.
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