My name is Dan Cordero and my handcrafted lighting designs are a salute to once beloved American treasures. My shop showcases over 100 handcrafted vintage lighting accents featuring Edison bulbs and a good dose of creative craftsmanship.

Working in video production for almost 20 years, I’ve spent countless hours shooting, editing, directing and producing. In 2012 I earned an Emmy Award for my editing in the national television show Everyday Edisons (see portfolio).  BUT… living behind the camera is only one aspect of my creative outlet. In between “lights, camera, action”, you’ll find me dissecting vintage appliances, visiting hardware stores and breathing new life into once forgotten treasures.

Reids Fine Foods

My handcrafted home accents and Edison bulb lighting have an international following with displays in multiple venues from restaurants, film festivals, store fronts, even magic shops! I’m honored to have such a wide interest in my unique pieces. Check out other venues where you can spot ReClaiming Creativity lighting in the customer gallery or my press page.

Dan Cordero

Where it all began….

As a boy I would take apart my toys and remove batteries from every remote control or appliance in the house (much to my parents’ dismay). To this day I can’t tell you what I did with those batteries or the remotes’ back covers, but they just needed to come out.  And so the fascination began. How does a toy work? What makes it run, sing, jump…and eventually break? Later my curiosity led to film work. How does one take random pieces of footage and create a new cohesive story?  After feeding my curiosity for many years I finally learned how to rebuild, restore, and reclaim – with a creative twist.

Allow me to inspire and reclaim some creativity in your life…I promise I won’t steal your batteries.

Top 5 Facts about Dan Cordero

  1. I’m a new dad married to an incredible wife!
  2. I once jumped out of a suspended gondola and bungeed into a 400ft canyon.
  3. I have a habit of saying “gotcha, gotcha” while agreeing with someone.
  4. My favorite shop tool is the sandblaster.
  5. I’m a native Floridian who once worked for “the mouse”.


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